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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Did yours explode, or did you do it preventatively when changing the timing belt? I'm assuming there is some labor savings by doing it at the same time as the belt?
I bought a Beetle '98 (at 130k) and a '06 Jetta (at 46k IIRC). The Beetle had problems going into gears because the pendulum springs were flying around inside the housing.

The Jetta I had a SMF put in as preventative but the guru that did it showed me the damage to the housing and throw out arm from a previous grenade. It was about $3k to have timing belt, water pump, DMF, and I had a bad cam from oil shear caused by the unit pump design sharing narrow cam lobes with the injectors. The newer ones are common rail so they won't have that problem.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
How is drivability after changing to single mass? Wouldn't the drive axles see more wear since the clutch isn't absorbing as much of the force?
With a single mass flywheel the only difference is that it rings the flywheel at idle in neutral which gives a little more of the diesel clatter. If the SMF caused premature transmission failure it was very seldom.

I traded an '04 Jetta with auto in for the '06 Jetta. The '04 and before suffered from Jatco autotragics. The DSGs are real nice but have to be maintained with fluid changes every 30K and clutch engagement adjustments. I have what was VAG-COM software that works with the '06. It didn't work for the '98 and I don't know if it will work for the '10.

Mirror deletes, 80% grill blocks, wheel covers, 50 psi tires = 6% better MPG avg. over a year. Wheel skirts overcoming ethanol winter fuel mpg losses and more!

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