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I'm sorry, I screwed up. The e-mail I was thinking about had coding stuff. Is the Wiki version up to date?

I'd like to use one big connector for the control I/O. There are quite a few options available for sealed automotive connectors at Mouser.

If possible, i'd like to make that connector simply stick up through the top, and be soldered directly to the PC board.

The vertical stack-up height above the PC board is about 22mm, limited by the current sensors and the output pins' insulator.

I'm still looking, but the connectors from AMP use a 13mm board > outside surface distance. Something like 25mm would be convenient.

1) can you think of a thinner current sensor? Are there any other parts that may cause an issue?
2) have you used a connector like this that you prefer or can you think of one with more space between the board and outside surface?

- E*clipse
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