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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
*DISCLAIMER* I have no experience with specifying these types of automotive connectors

Other EV controllers - Netgain Industrial, DMOC, EVTV's GEVCU - appear to use the Ampseal connector.

The pins are quite stiff and do not appear to bend easily. Alignment works well. There are 2 visible gaskets on the ampseal 13 (which the Netgain Industrial uses)
I really don't have any experience *spec'ing* them either. I guess most of my experience is in using various types on various automobiles. Since I have older cars, I've dealt with the evolution of these connectors over the years.

That one you linked is an excellent choice, IMHO. Actually I have one sitting on my desk and I'm very happy with it's quality and design. They're also reasonable from a price perspective. I think it's also possible to get various keying combinations to ensure that they aren't mis-matched.

I'd like this controller to be **at least** spray resistant, if not IP67 waterproof. I figure folks may want to put it near the motor in the motor (not passenger) compartment. I'm also trying to stay away from potting the whole thing because it should be "fixable" or "mod-able." After all, this is EcoModder.

- E*clipse
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