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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
They have a board to case measurement of 15mm. If the LEM current sensor is replaced with the Tamura version, it will fit. The Tamura sensor is only 11mm thick.
They're also quite a bit cheaper, at about $16 vs $25
Sounds good so far. I'll read it in detail later

I've counted the I/O connectors on the current design. With integrated current sensors and on-board drivers, 32 I/O pins are needed. The AMP 35 pin connector will work fine:
1-776231-1 TE Connectivity / AMP | Mouser
3 pins extra is cutting it close, but from what I've seen you've already included most of the bits that others would classify as 'future'

This leaves the controller, which ironically costs less than the I/O connector.

There are two series of controllers that could do the job - the 5015/5016 and the 6010A/6015. The main difference between the series is about 2X the memory, an extra CAN bus and $2 for the 6000 series. I've looked through the pins for all four, and it would be possible to make a pin-compatible 64 pin or 80 pin controller board between the 5000 series and 6000 series.
I'll never say NO to more memory and more communications. $2 seems like a small adder. You mention the soldering would be about the same .. what about the number of layers on the PCB to deal with the extra pins?

Is the CAN hardware the controller only? Do you need a driver chip for the physical interface? I guess I should look for myself
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