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If you need a new smart phone, I'd recommend the LG Volt when it goes on sale for $20-$40. Nothing about it is the best, but it's good enough at everything except higher end gaming.

Ringplus has recently had promotions for 1000 talk, 1000 text, and 1000 MB data for free. The drawbacks are that it utilizes the Sprint network, and you hear advertisements instead of a phone ring when you dial.

What I'm saying is that for as little as $20 total, you could have a smart phone with talk/text/data.

I just bought a 7" tablet for $60 that can be activated on RingPlus, so that will become my Torque display and also provide the internet connection for Pandora and Google maps while I drive. There just isn't such a thing as too much data on a screen!

One tiny drawback to using a smart phone as a Torque display in landscape orientation is that the screen is polarized, and with my polarized sunglasses, I cannot see the display. I'm hoping tablets aren't polarized, but it's no big deal if they are.

I should be in starving student mode since my wife is in a $3,000/month medical program, but it's easy to say "what the heck" to a $60 purchase when you're already getting hit by massive school bills. On top of that, my wife is renting an apartment closer to school, and I just had my pay cut $5/hr when I went from contractor to employee.

You may soon find me in PDX moonlighting as an Uber driver; likely in the TSX. The Prius is disqualified due to having a reconstructed title.
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