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Yes the CAN needs a little 8 pin $1 or so driver. I included 2 interfaces (CANHI1, CANLO1, GND) & (canhi2, canlo2, gnd) because usually can is chained together. So, canhi1 is connected to canhi2, and canlo1 is connected to canlo2. Then, the 2 that are on opposite ends of the chain only have one (canhi, canlo, gnd) going to it. And those are the ones that get terminated with the 120Ohm resistors. But that's different from the 2 separate can interfaces. If you used 2 separate can interfaces, you would have:

(canhi_1a, canlo_1a, gnd)
(canhi_2a, canlo_2a, gnd)
for one of the interfaces, and for the other CAN interface, just change the a to b. haha.
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