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Thanks for the CAN info.

I'm fine with doing the work to make this happen; and it doesn't necessarily apply directly to the inverter physical design. They could share a common schematic.

Before I get too far on this, I have a few questions.

- Moving to the 6010A 80 pin pic - it's the 6015's twin with more I/O. Thoughts?

- Moving to surface mount components on a "do it yourself" project. Thoughts?

- I'd like the result to be as pin/code compatible with the work you've already done. However w/ 40 extra pins to work with there's a lot of room for future expansion. Could you put together a necessary I/O list - with a "gee that would be nice" list?

- If the 6010A seems like a good idea, should we set aside hardware for 3 or 4 synchronized current sensors?

- Driving multiple TO-247 switches instead of big IGBT modules: Can a driver design ( with component changes ) drive IGBT's, FET, and SiC FET's??

-I'm currently working off of "ACControlAndDriverBoard1" files. Is there a newer one you'd prefer?

- The design I'm working from uses an external 24V supply. Do you want to stick with that?

I'm sure there are other questions, but that will help me get moving on this. If you already have a design to do this great! If not, I'm more than happy to help make one to your specs.
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