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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I was talking about that one small motor you linked.
I asked what motors you think would be good for doing a hydraulic hybrid, you linked that little motor. I don't think its big enough.
Did you miss the part where I said "this is just one example"? I'm not going to write you a complete hydraulic conversion manual.

But more on topic, yes, a 37hp motor would do WONDERS in a hybrid. That is likely enough power to move a pickup truck down the highway at 55mph. It could also probably accelerate to at least 25mph without any additional power. An equivalent sized electric motor would cost more, weigh more, be physically larger, and need hundreds of amps to power it.

I'll remind you that the diesel engine in my F250 was rated at only 155 horsepower in 1983. Yet that was enough power to tow 15,000lbs.
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