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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
The only issue I see is the temperature specs. -10F for operation and -20F for storage. I regularly see -20F (30+ days per winter) in the mornings, with bad days at -30F (maybe 4 or 5 days per winter) and worse days at -40F(1 or 2 days per winter)

Specs for temperature in vehicles, I'm told - I'm not a mechanical guy - run -40F to -45F operating with storage to -50F or -60F

Below -30F a lot of LCD displays update so slowly they are not usable. But they still work after things warm up.
Huh. Boy, that raises a good point - I've usually been worried about the high side of things. On that end of the spectrum, we see ambient temps over 110F. I'm told cars in a parking lot can see something like 150F in those conditions.

I wonder what would happen with the cooling fluid, seals and all that stuff when it gets to -40C ? I've heard they just run the trucks 24/7 when things get that cold up north.

Another issue - for EV's would be can the batteries handle those extremes? As with many compromises, it really wouldn't pay to match an extreme rating in one critical part if another critical part couldn't handle the same conditions.

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