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Wow - what a PIA. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for my sweltering heat rather than the mind-numbing cold!

Also - it does bring up a very good point. It's generally considered very bad practice to design something to work with only one part. I would like to know why the Tamura ones are limited to only -10C. The company does make sensors that can take the -40C to +85C range.

So, here are a few options - I haven't included the $200+ options.
1) LEM makes a similar part that could fit. It would require a pigtail wire, but could work with some slight design changes. Some cleverness would allow both the Tamura and LEM options.

2) Design it for these little sensors:
The problem here is that they would need to be soldered to the busbars, they would be submerged in the coolant and the I/O wires/pins would have to be sealed. Or a different design would split the output pin. This would require some work to ensure the pin's strength.

3) Design it for these little sensors:
Paul already made a bunch of little circuit boards to take sensors like these. I suppose a little design tweaking and calibration would make this a good option. Also I don't know what the current limitation **really** is. It would be good to be able to handle 300A.

Frankly, I'd prefer the last option, if it can be accurate enough.

- E*clipse
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