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I might be the opposite of what everyone else says, but here is my take. My worst tank came from babying it. Yes, you will use more fuel if you hit boost, and you will use alot more fuel if you go WOT. I usually go about 50% or so up to speed. IF you have a scangauge, find out when you go to "dump fuel" mode, and avoid that. Also, it might be a good idea to look at water/meth injection as a secondary fuel. It will keep your gas usage lower, and you can tune much leaner with it. Set it to come on early, and you should reduce gas usage when part-throttle boosting it. I will be installing one on my turbo move 660cc. 14 psi, and it's a dog out of boost, and probably isn't very efficient out of boost either. A big exhaust, DP, TP, and other flow mods should help you, as well as something to keep your IC cool. hooked up a sprayer on my IC for the hot days to cool it down. Heat below and insulation above a heatsink isn't the best way to cool things.

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