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Oct 28 - testing AC controller (but not quite)

Connect controller to 12V - contactor pulls in correctly - no hi voltage pack

Connect hyperterminal. Powerup OK. config shows no throttle signal still.
I forgot to change that pot.

Change encoder-ticks to 64 ppr

It will not show pulses ... Oh yeah ... that's a different version of firmware.

So - burn AC Controller Project Encoder.hex from June 1 - connect PICkit 3, power up controller, burn firmware.

Success. Turn off controller, remove PICkit 3, start a new capture,Siemens encoder test 2. Power up controller

config - oh yeah - no commands on this one, just encoder counts

Turn the motor shaft by hand - no result

Turn off the controller and stop the capture.

Ring out the cable - which I should have done before now!

The 5V and GND to the encoder were in the wrong pins.

ctl board - cable - cable - siemens encoder
gnd       - blu   - blu   - pin 5
5v         - orange  - or    - pin 4
cha       - brown   - brn    - pin 2
chb       - white - wh  - pin 1
No joy. Power down, then Remove the siemens encoder connector
Connect female pins on cable direct to the siemens motor pins

Same result. Check for 5V on orange versus blu + 4.95V
check white versus blu. 0.00V
check brown versus blu. 0.00V.
check white versus orange. 0.00V
check brown versus orange. 0.00V

Open collector outputs? I wonder if they need to be tied high or low? High, silly. They are low now!

To the EVTV web site! Nope - no mention of pullup resistors. Maybe the DMOC645 has them built in? the DMOC 645 is the AC controller that is sold for the Siemens motor.

I expect that there should be pull-up resistors ... I'll start with maybe 10K .. tomorrow!
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