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'92 Civic VX up for Sale - Baltimore

*** The car has been sold ***

Well, sadly, the time has come for me to put my beloved little VX up for sale.

I first joined this forum about 7 years ago, back when I purchased the car. And I guess I hadn't been on here for at least the last four, so I had to create a new account to get back on. Anyway, I wanted to list the car here first, because I'd really like to see it go to someone who wants to keep it going for it's efficiency, and not to some kid who will turn it into a street racer.

The car is basically a "project" at this point. It runs and drives, and was my daily driver until a few days ago when I purchased my new car. But it's definitely going to need some work, and I wouldn't be comfortable selling it with the notion that you'll be able to drive it indefinitely without some investment. The odometer is showing 223,000 but I'm fairly certain the instrument cluster was replaced before I purchased the car (at 112,000). It has been a wonderfully reliable car for all these years and miles, but time has gradually been catching up with it. And ever since I moved into the city, I haven't had a practical place to do any work on it myself.

The car already had some history by the time I bought it... it had been stolen and repossessed (at least according to the carfax) but was pretty much unmolested other than a sport muffler, air intake, and an absurd amount of wiring for what must have been a very loud stereo system.

Known issues:
The front driver's side fender, turn signal, and front bumper cover will all need to be replaced (the car was hit by a truck while it was parked in front of my house). The damage isn't terrible (I've been driving it this way since spring) but won't pass safety inspection as is.
There's a slight coolant leak believed to be from the water pump; that should be replaced, at which point a new timing belt would be in order.
The engine runs good but is burning a little bit of oil; if I were keeping the car long term I'd probably just opt to install a rebuilt engine.
The exhaust pipe cracked in half just rear of the catalytic converter. I managed to "fix" this with some sheet metal and clamps but it is by no means an ideal repair.
I believe the radiator fan is no longer turning on; not sure if it is the fan motor or an electrical issue.
I replaced the clutch at 150,000 miles; my mechanic seemed to think that it's down to about 10%.
The car was equipped with (rare) factory air conditioning, however the compressor pulley seized up about five years ago and I never bothered to look into it.
The speedometer works intermittently, kind of whenever it feels like it.
There is also a very slight brake fluid leak; I haven't been able to identify where but it just means I'd have to top off the reservoir about every other month.

Not everything is bad though. I did have a new distributor put in the car earlier this year, along with new plugs and a tune-up, and a new muffler (before the exhaust cracked). The car also has a brand new set of Fuzion Touring all season radials (these were installed maybe a month ago, if that). The car does not have the original 13" VX wheels, but rather is riding on regular 14" Honda steelies. Other than the radiator fan, there are no electrical issues. The battery is relatively new, the radiator was replaced a few years back, and the top radiator hose was just changed about two weeks ago.

When I brought the car to Maryland (from PA) four and half years ago, I put about $2,500 into fixing a number of things including the rear fenders which had the typical rust issues. A little bit of rust has recently started to reappear but should be a minimal fix if it gets taken care of soon.

Other more minor things: it has a fairly new Sony stereo & in-dash cd player with removable faceplate, but only the front passenger side speaker is working. The driver's side window has previously come off the track; it seems to be working okay now but I might suggest replacing the window regulator which is about $35. I have a new replacement crank handle (had to break the old one to get the door panel off) but just never got around to installing it. The interior is otherwise in pretty decent shape, except for the bolster on the driver's seat which completely wore through and is now taped up.

I'm asking $1,000... which honestly doesn't even cover the cost of the distributor and new tires that I put on this year. But I also know the car is going to need some real work. It is located in Baltimore, MD - zip code 21211. Please feel free to message with me any questions. Thanks.

Photos of the car can be viewed on my craigslist posting, just search the Baltimore ads for '92 Civic VX - the car is white.

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