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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Take the solar panel and split the output between the grid tie and Genasun MPPT charge controller. ..... The Genasun's MPPT electronics will try to gobble up even as little as 8 volts to charge batteries. The very simple electronics of the grid tie inverter actually need more than 14 volts to start working well.

Also this circuit shares a wall to the garage and I already tapped into it so I would have an additional 120 volt circuit out in the garage to use. Now all I have to do is install the inverter, add some fusing and back feed power on to that circuit.
I think the first part will work, but the second part will not. All 120 volt circuits go back to the panel and the meter, so you will backfeed no matter where you connect.

Here's another idea. Store the excess energy in hot water. Install an electric hot water heater in line before your existing hot water heater. Then run the electricity from the panel into the first hot water heater. 240 volt elements will work just fine on 120 volts, they just pull less power. This approach depends on the solar panels not producing enough power to boil the water, which should be the case here. Worst case, the relief valve pops.
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