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Engine suplementary heating - Reduced comsumption/emissions/interior heating

Just wondering if any of the ecomoder fellas here have designed a standalone engine heater. I'm not talking about a plug in block heater, as I wont be able to use it in urban areas.

Since i upgraded my OH diesel from IDI to DI diesel engine, the car only gets to 60C after 7 miles of driving and it does not normally reach temperature, unless we're on the motorway. This decreases my economy in about 1l/100KM.

The electric is even worse. We're talking about 2-4KW in heating alone. A big hit on the 8KW battery pack, whose capacity already goes to 60-80% below -10C.

I've been looking into the webasto series of diesel heaters, although I don't think these will fit my needs exactly. Being a diesel heater start and stop are not instant and I will likely need some sort of water accumulator to smooth out the temperature. I also don't trust units with 15+ years of use.

Ideally I would like to use some LPG based heater. like those used to heat water at home. These are pretty instant and clean (no diesel smell/leak) and require no electrical supply other than the circulating pump. As an advantage flame intensity can be controlled to match demand.

Just wondering if this was something discussed in the past or anyone has further ideas that could be useful.

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