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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
Grille block, insulated engine bay, insulated oil pan - I assume you've tried all of these?

There are also diesels (VW and Peugeot/Citroen, for example) which have a 12V coolant heater made out of 1-4 glowplugs. Yes, these add an electrical load, but the extra load on the engine helps it heat up faster. Increases fuel consumption, but in the long run may turn out to be cheaper than a stand alone engine heater - depends on the fuel you will use.

Another option is the gen II Prius thermos - will keep coolant warm overnight, so even if you do not get full warm up now, then you have a head start next time. Check out Heat storage system (Prius-like insulated coolant reservoir).
I'm not really looking for any other mods, other than quickly pre-heating the engine as required. Electrically this poses a problem as I don't always have electricity available or I don't want to run down my traction pack on the EV.

I could store coolant, but to be of any real use I would need at least 30liters storage and that's a bit to carry around.

So the only practical way I've found was with the use of fuel burning auxiliary heaters, hence my question on possible experiences with them.

I'm surprised if no one has used them before, as many cars such as BMW/Jaguar/others use them since the late 90's.
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