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Paul, First up you're a god. I've been looking over this thread now and then for maybe an year now and you have finally made me register on the forum and get back into trying to do vector control.

Was desperate to successfully do vector control about a year back and gave up back then but want to get back into it and just do it this time around.

When I gave up, I knew practically nothing. But after that I made a PI based current controller for a simple RL load using a dsPIC33 and an H-Bridge and that has given me confidence.

I'm going to read the entire 700 pages of this thread but while that happens, please tell me a bit about how you tackled the whole rotor time constant and PI tuning problems.

Have you thought of sensorless or will the performance not be good enough as with a sensor?

Did you just modify the dsPIC code or write it from scratch yourself? I am generally wary of using other people's codes out of fear that I won't be able to debug and properly modify it.
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