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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I know how you can get a ton of free heat to keep the engine warm in winter.
That works nicely on a petrol, since the exhaust temperature is fairly constant. On a diesel, exhaust depends on engine loading as the air supply is unthrottled. These low exhaust temperatures are what causes exhausts to clog.

Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
Drain your oil to the MIN mark, made a huge difference on my TDI. Used to take 10km to get to temp, with the oil on MIN it behaved almost like a petrol car.
That's odd..? I would have thought that the energy needed to heat up 1 or 2l of oil would be residual when one first needs to heat up 80KG of metal? Could it be your temperature gauge is measuring the oil temperature, rather than the coolant?

I ordered some of these diesel heaters, so ill keep some updates on this. For the diesel its a case of plug and forget. It should run to the set temperature for a few minutes and shut off, with the engine maintaining until the car goes off again.

For the electric I think the simplest option is to let the coolant reach 80C, and use an external thermostat to divert excess heat outside. This ensures the heater runs continuously and efficiently at its lowest setting (2KW at 0.3l/H).

I like the tank idea in the sense I could pre-charge the tank and/or keep the car warm when plugged in, I'm just having trouble finding a well insulated tank I could fit in the engine bay. Ideas?
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