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Only way to own a jeep is to replace everything oem

Originally Posted by Grant-53 View Post
A typical car weighs 3500 lb and much of that is steel uni-body and drive train. The costs of safety are chiefly in design and testing. An open wheeled race car may weigh half that with the tub of carbon fiber being very light and stiff. Before carbon fiber race cars used aluminum honeycomb panels in cut and fold methods for tubs. Aluminum is now readily available at reasonable cost and there are excellent directions on making cars and aircraft. The aerodynamic shapes are conducive to longer crush zones. If one does their homework one can build a great vehicle for $10K plus labor be it 3 or 4 wheels. Most states allow for registry of home built vehicles using Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard approved components. Having worked in the commuter rail car industry there are specifications that need to be met but a little patience and research go along way. Find out who needs what kind of vehicle, build a few, test them, and then figure a business plan to sell them.
That is really only the good way to own a jeep is to replace everything that is OEM. It seems like all the jeeps I see that belong to have replace every suspension component with HD parts. The OEM stuff breaks all the time.

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