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I don't know if this is part of being "one" but I re-read about 50 pages AGAIN !

Then I detached(sorry...), to PIWOSLAW's Variants(Peugeot 307-Diesel) aero-MODDING write up and found it very interesting and warming about the labor done INCLUDING the FE he has attained with that vehicle!
Read all his full write up, 293 posts...

YKYAEM "if" the vehicle you are driving/been driving; still has tape residue on the rear quarter panels, rear hatch window and other places where previously WAXED cardboard was for a KAMM tail. (making note to self, have to do it better/more enduring next time)

11/07/12 Coming back to this posting to read more interesting: what if anybody else is a YKYAEM... (but sadly, nothing yet )

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