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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I don't know what the data was that was being outputted when you typed "a". I changed it so many times. We need just a serial stream. I'm going to add that back in.
I think there was a capture of the voltage and current - but I was looking for the rpm indication at the end.

If you can make the serial stream the same (or at least the first part the same) as for the Cougar, I received an update to RTD Explorer that I can try out. If the first part is the same and you add extra data as required to the end .. that should work, right?

I have more data from Nov 2 that I need to post. But it brought up some of the deficiencies of my setup:
- AC amps - I have one clamp-on meter, so I kinda need to monitor the AC out of or into the controller .. unless that's part of the serial stream
- AC voltage - I have a multimeter that can be used for that, but it needs to be in the camera's field of view and I'd have to play back the video and write down the numbers
- DC pack voltage - I can use another multimeter for that
- DC pack current - I can use an uncalibrated shunt that I have. It should be close. 100 mv = 100A so I can use another multimeter to show mv and it should convert directly to amps
- controller temperature and motor temperature - I can use a handheld infrared but it will not be continuous readings
- temperature of the various terminal connections - again, use a handheld?

That leaves the DC motor part. If I get the cougar running, I have most of what I need from RTD explorer. Except for the temperature of the brushes .. which I need to monitor with a handheld. The input power to the system is not as important (to me) - do you agree?

The biggest issue that I have not talked about is cooling. There is liquid cooling for the AC motor, but I need to come up with a chill plate for the AC controller and whatever DC controller I use. That would be the more permanent solution. I could use suggestions for a cheap and easy cooling loop. These tests should be under half an hour long. I have a forced air blower for the DC motor and a shroud. That should do for a half-hour test.

Cheaper - I have searched the local hardware stores - naptha is still sold in metal 1 gallon containers. A metal container like that filled with water may work - no pump and no circulation but it would take a while to heat up the water inside. I could put the rectangular container on it's side and clamp a controller to it .. maybe a bit of thermal grease to get a good thermal connection?
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