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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post

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The biggest issue that I have not talked about is cooling. There is liquid cooling for the AC motor, but I need to come up with a chill plate for the AC controller and whatever DC controller I use. That would be the more permanent solution. I could use suggestions for a cheap and easy cooling loop. These tests should be under half an hour long. I have a forced air blower for the DC motor and a shroud. That should do for a half-hour test.

Cheaper - I have searched the local hardware stores - naptha is still sold in metal 1 gallon containers. A metal container like that filled with water may work - no pump and no circulation but it would take a while to heat up the water inside. I could put the rectangular container on it's side and clamp a controller to it .. maybe a bit of thermal grease to get a good thermal connection?
- How about pre-chilling a big aluminum chunk? Just stick it in the freezer for a while, then quick bolt it to a spreader plate for the test.

- I'm curious about this 'cause I want to try pre-cooling the battery pack. There's a HUGE mass/thermal mass in a battery pack.

- E*clipse
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