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Old Lurker has a question.

One of the most interesting forums on the I-net, I have read posts for years. I finally have gotten up the courage to ask a question:

I (we) own a 2011 Buick Enclave with about 47K miles on it now. We live in SE Florida where it is hot for about 7 or 8 months and nice the rest of the time. The Enclave is used mostly for errands, occasionally hauling a load of furniture or people 20 or 30 miles. Probably 90% of the time is contains only me (skinny ol'phart) and 50 lbs. of bowling equipment. 19" wheels, fairly new rubber kept at recommended pressures.

The mileage stinks, 13 -14 mpg around town and maybe 18 -19 mpg on the occasional trip. We live in an urban area so there is alot of driving where the traffic goes around 35 -40 mph (more or less!) with stops every few blocks or half mile,, etc. so it is not as bad as true city driving.

Personally, I think the shift points are set way too high, the transmission needs a tow/haul mode and a highway mode with lower shift points.

However, the Buick folks say the shift points cannot be changed and have no suggestions as to how I might improve the mileage.

Your suggestions are appreciated. Please do not tell me to simply drive slower etc. I already know that!


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