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Some pretty easy stuff to do without getting too carried away:
- index and gap your spark plugs
- go with low rolling resistance tires like the Nokian Hakka's (check youtube for their rolling resistance test with a Prius)
- go with Amsoil low viscosity ATF
- try Amsoil 5W30 Signature Series or ENEOS 5W30 engine oil
- use a good oil filter like Amsoil EAO or Mobil1 Extended Performance
- if you have a rear diff, put in Castrol Syngear 75w90 since it's the lowest viscosity GL5 and same in the transfer case
- try NMF (gonmf dot com) in the engine, trans, diff, coolant, power steering, and fuel
- try ws2 from lowerfriction dot com in the engine and diff
- don't run ethanol blended fuel
- try to scoop a set of lighter wheels - stock cast wheels are crazy heavy
- led headlights from aliexpress if you do lots of driving @ night/winter

Along the way you can start to learn better driving techniques - in particular anticipating traffic patterns ahead of you.

Good luck!
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