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Originally Posted by BrandonMods View Post
Im a little paranoid about blocking off the top one. The lower one is directed mainly at the intercooler and initially worried me as this is a turbocharged car (want to avoid hitting a lean condition and creating hot spots on the piston heads - I hear this is an issue with turbo engines that run too hot). Either way since the intake is continuous with the turbo, the warmer temperatures from the cold side of the turbo not being cooled down have definitely helped my fuel economy as Michigan is cooling down right now. I used the intercooler block all last winter but, as soon as spring arrived with warmer temperatures I began to run into predetonation issues I removed the lower block and the symptom went away.

That being said, I'm afraid I'd be pushing my luck with completely blocking off the top for the radiator unless you're talking about the faux grill that rests right beneath the hood which serves no purpose whatsoever except for 'asthetics?' If that is the case I will definitely make one up this weekend and give it a shot.
It all depends whether you do city or highway driving. I blocked roughly 75% of my grille. It got hot in traffic the other day with ambient around 70-75. With the temps under 60 i can safely stay under 205 most the time, occasionally hit 210.

Once it gets down around freezing i should be set. Only one tank thus far but i may gain as much as 10%!

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