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Hersbird: Thanks to thingstodo, I'm pretty confident that with a couple minor additions, the software is basically ready to go if you are using an encoder with the AC board that plugs right into 3 IGBT half bridges. I'm probably going to include a datastream feature today.
Here's the instructable for how to put one together:

Don't get too excited though. I entered it into a contest on instructables, and got like last place. haha. I'm not sure what that means.

I basically am perpetually broke, and won't be making completed controllers ever. haha. So, you would have to put one together yourself if you wanted to go this route. It's not too complicated though. Almost all through-hole components, and very large 1210 package surface mount capacitors. The software is to a point where you can basically connect the motor to the controller, type a couple commands through the serial port, and it can figure out the characteristics of the motor and save them to EEProm. Then, you drive away. hip hip hurray! And it works with permanent magnet or induction motors.

The lower power version I made (well, the boards only exist on the computer) would be mechanically easier to assemble. You could easily just use a hand drill. But it would have an absolute peak power of maybe 50kW, probably less. It also has the feature where you could just have, say, a 144v battery pack, and boost it to 300v, allowing the motor to run at a much higher RPM under load. It is set up to be all through hole components, or you could use 1206 package components (I made 1206 pads with holes through them so you can mount through hole components instead if you like). The total cost would be around $350 in quantity 1, so you could probably get it down to $250 if you went into business buying enough for 10 controllers at a time. But that would require someone who is not in abject poverty. LOL. But I may be broke, but my job is at home, where I get to see my kids and wife throughout the day. So, I think it's a good trade.

That's about the state of things on my end. 2 controller types. One uses IGBT half bridge modules, and the other uses TO-247 package IGBTs.

Well, I'm reordering some of the type that plug right into the half bridge modules. I'll have 7 of them, since 3 are already bought. And as i was ordering it, there was an option for a metal screen thing that puts the solder paste on the pads. So, I could order some of the surface mount parts that go on the boards, and solder those, and sell the boards partially assembled maybe?
kits and boards

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