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I don't see the point of using the solar in your car to go back to your house. I am thinking about putting two 100 Watt solar panels on my car, adding a second or larger battery then after some testing remove the alternator. I estimate I will, on average get 100-125 watt/hours during the day, out of the 200 watt system because they will never be angled correctly towards the sun. If you are just charging a car battery you don't need an inverter. So lets just say you never drive your car you have 200 watts of panels and they are angled perfectly towards the sun. This would be the best case. This is not going to happen. But in that case you would get 10 hours of sun a day avg that would be 1400watts. If I buy that much electricity it would cost me $0.25. So how much time and money will you sink in to get $.25 a day? It is not worth it, to buy the inverter and try to figure everything else out.

If you want to get solar on your house it is worth it defiantly. But you put those panels in the proper position so they get full sun light and it will equal the cost of buying electricity after a few years. Absolutely does not make sense to feed back from your car to the grid.

TLDR;I think its also worth putting some solar on your car, simply because the sheer inefficient of alternators, the complexity and limitations of the systems are not a good idea together.
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