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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
It draws around 200ma at 24volts when switching the 600v 600amp IGBTs at 10khz and 30mips micro.
Really?! Wow. That's really low - less than 5 watts!
Actually it's really good the numbers aren't like the ones I put up - that would be really inefficient.

Ok, so @ 3 phase and no boost stage: each phase leg is drawing less than 5W/6 >> about 0.8 watts for each gate drive...

So - OMG - we're only talking about 33 mA @ 24V MAX for each gate drive power supply (gate driver, transformer, and capacitors) The capacitors and BJT's would have to deal with 8A > 12A for a picosecond.

Sorry for the long reply... this is really awesome news.. . . . I'll limit the 24V power input to 4 pins max.

- E*clipse
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