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Originally Posted by TimV View Post
And the biggest question is. Will you save 200ml of diesel everytime you use it to preheet the engine?
Good question. Remember I just converted the electric car.
So far I get a boost of 30% on my range, assuming motorway driving. Short journey trips vary as I may be able to top up between them. Nevertheless the logic below applies.

1L Diesel = 2.4KG CO2 and 10.7KW net output. So assuming the burner is 80% efficient this will result in lower emissions (The UK grid average is 400g/KW) and equivalent in price (1,10/L versus 12p/KW).

Note that power from the battery is at best 80% efficient too. We have battery sag losses/charging losses and conversion losses, not to mention battery wear.

Have yet to see when I convert the diesel, but it might be possible given the reduction in idling times before I can drive and the added confort (Same reason why they are installed in all high end diesel vehicles on cold climates
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