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Originally Posted by rpearson View Post
OK I have a possible answer to my problem. I called a shop that works on Hondas and they told me I have to take it to the dealer to have the system reprogrammed. So we're taking it in Monday to do that and have the airbag recall dealt with as well. I'll post an update afterwards if that does the trick or if it's something more than that.
Too late now, but you should have had the trouble codes read prior to purchasing another battery. There are specific codes for the hybrid components.

I doubt having the dealership update your software will have any effect on the battery problem. Sounds like you have charging system component failure which I'm sure the dealership will charge quite a bit to repair (hopefully I'm wrong).

A little more unsolicited advice: Honda should have sent you mail regarding the airbag recall. The air bags in your car are the Takata brand ones, the ones in the news that can potentially injure or kill if they deploy during an accident. If you receive a recall notice it is best to take care of it as soon as possible, especially for something serious. Recall work is performed free of charge by the dealership.

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