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All population graphs show a declining rate of population growth. I'm telling you, even though we only see the problems of overpopulation with our short-term perspective, the long-term problem will be a dwindling population.

there isn't any convincing evidence to show that the size of our population is the cause of the world's most pressing issues, like war, famine, disease, and poverty.

Let's put it another way. Since we have more people, our wars are bigger. Our famines may affect more people, and more people will have diseases and be poor. But population growth didn't create these problems--they have have existed since people have existed.

In other words, we can't blame population for problems that have been around forever. The only difference is, since there are more of us now, these problems affect more people.

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Not true. Really, the only developed countries with negative growth rates are Japan and some of the former Soviet Bloc countries:

But in fact standards of living go down (by any non-slanted measure) in developed countries, as large fractions of the population are condemned to live in the human equivalents of battery chicken farms.
It is true, really. The only reason many of the developed countries have positive growth rates is due to immigration. Obviously, people want to move to where the prospects are good, and that causes the population to increase. That doesn't mean their birthrates are greater than replacement.

Standards of living in developed countries are better for the entire population than those in poor countries. Heck, I would consider myself to have won the lottery to be homeless in the U.S. considering I could have just as easily been born in some place like Liberia.

The poorest in the U.S. enjoy a higher standard of living than the average conditions in the rest of the world. Despite a world population of 7 billion, I'm enjoying a much better life than even a king from 200 years ago when there was just 1 billion people.

Instead of viewing people as merely a resource consuming liability, you can view them as an asset that offers new ideas and labor.

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Look at Europe. White people are likely to become a minority there in about 20 years. I'm not "racist" at all, but that's frightening...
I don't see how that is frightening. People are people, regardless of color.

I'm looking forward to the day when you can't tell what "race" someone is by looking at them because we'll all be mutts.
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