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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
It is true, really. The only reason many of the developed countries have positive growth rates is due to immigration.
Growth is growth. Doesn't matter if they are born to current inhabitants, decide to move in from elsewhere, or are brought by the stork: the population still increases.

Originally Posted by freebeard
He said that machinery operates at an overall efficiency of 4% and constructed buildings at 1%; so 'simply' double those numbers and increasing numbers of people can enjoy a standard of living unobtainable by anyone living today.
Isn't it amazing how sometimes "genius" can't see the blindingly obvious? (For instance, the major flaws in his "Dymaxion" house and car.) A great deal of what goes into the poorly defined "standard of living" is provided by nature rather than being produced by machinery, and so has a fixed upper limit. Supply more humans, and at best the amount available per capita goes down. Then figure that humans thoughtlessly destroy much of the capacity...
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