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a 12V at 25% is NOT OK. If they said it's at 25% based on more than just a voltage reading, they load tested it.

Your IMA light is burned out from running with it lit for so long. The new IMA battery has NOT corrected your issue unless the faults are caused by your 12V.

Your 12V is your top priority. A weak 12V battery can cause multiple IMA codes that make it seem like the sky is falling. From what I have heard, the 151R that the dealers offer is usually competitively priced. I prefer to install a larger 51R, but whatever works best for you. If it's reasonably priced, and your battery is more than a couple years old, replace it. If it sat for awhile and went flat, that can kill it.

Please indicate the red battery light status (on/off) for each:

1) idle for 10 seconds
2) hold 2000 rpm for 10 seconds
3) hold 4000 rpm for 10 seconds

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