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Originally Posted by redpoint5
I'm looking forward to the day when you can't tell what "race" someone is by looking at them because we'll all be mutts.
Not me. I like diversity.

Isn't it amazing how sometimes "genius" can't see the blindingly obvious? (For instance, the major flaws in his "Dymaxion" house and car.) A great deal of what goes into the poorly defined "standard of living" is provided by nature rather than being produced by machinery, and so has a fixed upper limit. Supply more humans, and at best the amount available per capita goes down. Then figure that humans thoughtlessly destroy much of the capacity...
Trash-talking Bucky? Well...

Look into it sometime.
  • 'metaphysically engendered materials'
  • 'wired to wireless, tracked to trackless'
  • 'doing progressively more with less, until...'

You're right about "standard of living", of course. A person used to purchasing and consuming might not understand or value a standard based on life in mental spaces or virtual spaces.

Then there's this:

The Case for Making Humans Smaller - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus

TLDR: A human 50cm tall would consume 2% the food and fuel.

Here's a thought experiment: Suppose everyone was given a choice at age eight; go through puberty, bulk up, have kids and die. basically the deal now. Versus decline puberty, stop growing at 50lb and live forever.

What choice would your eight-year-old self make? What choice would eight-year-olds make two generations from now?
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