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I drove it for an hour (~40 mi) to the dealer this afternoon and dropped it off for my appt next Monday (it worked out better for my schedule to just drop it off today). The car performed fine, not too bad even going up the long grade into Santa Fe. Now that I tihnk about it, I wonder how I managed to keep it at 65 without IMA assist. I used to do that commute every single day and the car didn't always manage that.

I'll ask the dealer to check out the 12V battery & replace it if needed. The battery is old, really old. I don't remember the last time it was replaced. And it sat for a year. And before that it was getting drained all the time while the IMA battery was on its final legs. so yeah. probably not the healthiest battery ever.

my husband wants to mention that the voltage across the 12V battery dropped when the motor was running. from 12 point something to 11.5.

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