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I have a 2015 Toyota with 6-speed automatic 2AR-FE engine. In addition to Eco Drive mode, it is also equipped with an Eco Driving Indicator. Quoting from the manual: "During Eco-friendly acceleration, Eco Driving Indicator Light will turn on. When acceleration exceeds Zone of Eco driving, the light turns off."

Following suggestions of others in this thread, I started monitoring Engine Load (LOD) on my ScanGauge, trying to accelerate steadily with a target load of around 80%, but each time I do so, the Eco Driving Indicator light goes out, telling me I have exceeded Eco-friendly acceleration. To stay within the so-called Zone of Eco acceleration, I have to accelerate very slowly and gently.

BSFC maps would seem to suggest otherwise, but as I have no specific map for this engine, I've done as Fat Charlie suggested and ditched the LOD and TPS gauges and just monitor the instant MPG on my car's display and try to adjust my driving accordingly. Trying to monitor LOD, TPS, LP, and MPG, I sometimes forget to watch the CAR in front of me.
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