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I took the EMX bus downtown.

The venue was dark and noisy, like a bar or night club. Half the light was ultraviolet, little kids shoes were lit up like Christmas tree ornaments. I left before the band started up. But not before the complimentary beer and pizza. Thnx!

I talked to at least three people. Mark Frohnmayer, son of David Frohnmayer, (past State Attorney General and past President of the University of Zero, now passed), the principal. Jesse Fittipaldi, Business Development Lead and John Simpson, Embedded Systems Designer. It was loud and I can't hear so any errors or omissions are my own. They showed two examples of the SRK8.

The first question was a test "What's the towing capacity?" They had a non-zero answer (500lb) so they passed. Two passengers plus 200lb load capacity.

Non-adjustable regen, no creep, water cooling loop, inverter and charger strapped to the top and bottom of a big heat sink. One controller for the twin single speed motors lights and switches. (Note to self: two motors a differential and two wheels. What goes on there?)

They showed one base model stripped to show the mechanicals and one with the base model body. Canvas or solid doors, the box for the back and windshield wipers were not present. I hear the base model was a pile of parts 4 hours earlier.

I sat in the front and back. In back I could pass my hand between my knees and the seat-back (I'm 6'1"). In front, foot-room was about the same as the left leg in the driver's seat of a VW Beetle—on both sides. The most comfortable position was with my feet on the lower A-arms.

The steering was locked so I couldn't see how long a pant would fit on the front wheels. One CAN bus, not OBDII port yet.

They seem to have updated their website, or maybe I'm discovering old stuff, but the site was dog slow this afternoon and now it says:
I just placed my pre-order, how soon can I expect my SRK?
We will begin production end of 2016. Those who place a pre-order now, can expect to receive theirs within the first several months of the start of production.

Will the SRK include air conditioning and heat?
The base model of the SRK will have vent and heat for defrost and cabin comfort. We plan an upgrade option to offer a full HVAC system.

Will the SRK have a stereo system and speakers?
We plan to offer a range of audio systems as upgrades to the base model SRK. Actual prices for options and service items for the SRK will be disclosed as we get closer to final production.

Do you provide SRK fleet vehicle options?
Yes. Custom and branded fleet vehicle options are available. Please contact Arcimoto Sales at to learn more.

What is the manufacturer’s warranty for the SRK?
The SRK includes a standard 3-Year/36,000 mile warranty.
So, Elio could still ship first, more power to them. I think the SRK8 is a better fit for my needs. They were taking refundable $100 deposits and I had cash in my pocket. Shoulda done it. If I liquidated my weekly driver, spare engine, engine parts and sets of wheels, that would about cover the base vehicle, then I could take a $3000 loan for the body panels and pocket the operating cost savings.

I asked Mr. Frohnmayer if he had a message for the forum and he came up with a paraphrase of their 'ideal urban vehicle' slogan. We'd been talking about the Whittaker anarchists, so I suggested stealing their slogan: 'a better world is possible'
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