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As I have mentioned before, my over protective mama bear sister purchased a super-save "SUV" for her baby bears, only to roll over in someone else's SUV, and suffer a TBI.

Curiously, that was in Flagstaff, where I have HWMMV rollover training every year.

That Jeep is not eco in any way. That is an ugly color.

People want larger and heavier vehicles because they see themselves as safe drivers, while everyone else is bad. I put away my cell phone and focus on preventing anyone else from hitting me, but if you would rather teach the other driver a lesson...


I am kind of surprised the other driver did not say "I dunno, Officer, she just swerved into my lane, and I could not avoid her!"

I imagine that a new Jeep would have higher maintenance costs than an older Toyota. Aren't there always things not covered by warranties?

On one of my many trips to the Subaru dealership to pick up parts (mostly small ones, like bolts and pieces of trim), I asked them about also selling Jeeps and Jeep parts.

He indicated that Subarus were far more reliable because they sold many more Jeep parts. Well, there were 700k Jeeps sold last year in the U.S. and 500,000 Subarus, and ten Jeep dealerships in the valley, but only three for Subaru.

I was not impressed with Subaru reliability, but I can believe that Jeep is worse.
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