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SUV safety, once a key concern for the segment when it was booming in the 1990s, has made real strides in recent years. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported in June 2011 that SUVs (including crossovers) are now safer than cars, even when comparing vehicles of similar weight. Real-world fatality data for 2005-2008 models reveal 28 driver deaths per million registered SUVs. There were 56 car driver deaths and 52 pickup driver deaths per million for the same period. Minivans were the safest with 25 driver deaths per million registered vehicles.

I found this bit of an article interesting, but I hove* to wonder if minivans are 'safer' because they are driven safer ( by families with children ! )
Most likely, the data includes all sorts of cars and trucks, without regard to the type of driver, their ages, and driving style.
With this sort of data, you might could surmise that 1998 Oldsmobiles are the safest cars out there, only to find out that the data was taken from little old ladies that never drive over 50 mph.

* That was a purely coincidental typo I swear, but hey, that's the way it's pronounced in Canada, so I left it !
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