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Originally Posted by skrotbil View Post
I know my hands are somewhat tied with a 6-speed automatic, but the best highway trip mileage I've achieved using ECO drive mode is 41.3 mpg on a vehicle that's EPA rated 31 highway. I do not use cruise control, as I seem to get better mileage when I feather the pedal myself, and traffic is too heavy for pulse and glide. I coast in gear on downhills, resulting in open loop and fuel cutoff, and try to get a running start on the uphill letting the speed bleed off gradually rather than forcing it. Any more suggestions on how I could improve mileage - other than coasting in neutral?
Yes, don't do a running start before you get to the hill; accelerating downhill is not efficient. Save your engine power for going up hills and don't back off until you crest the hill, unless you know you will need to scrub speed on the downhill.
I'm not coasting, I'm shifting slowly.
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