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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
One option is milling channels somehow haha, and then bolting a thin aluminum sheet to the base, somehow sealing the channels so they don't leak, and then somehow attach a hose to the base plate edge.
Hi all, if it is just for a test rig then how about a coil of copper pipe, some thermal grease and some lumber (we call it wood ) to hold the copper pipe in good contact with the controllers base plate. Run some sort of coolant through the copper pipe with a small pump. Could use water, coolant, oil, whatever is easiest.
As long as you don't use too much pressure holding the copper pipe onto the controller plate then after the tests you should be able to recover the copper pipe undamaged and use it again elsewhere. There wouldn't need to be any high pressures so just some garden hose between the ends of the copper pipe and the pump and a big container of coolant should be ok.
For long tests just increase the volume of coolant. If it is cold outside and you have a pool then that would make an ideal reservoir.
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