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Wow, time flies. I got this totally done a month ago! My welder decided to make some changes to it, so it isn't quite what I was expecting, but it works fine anyway. I've done a couple trips with it, and am going to get some boards soon, so that'll really put it to the test.

It's so long that I can just barely get around 90 degree sidewalk corners, and offset to the non drive side so much that my bike wheels are almost in line with the drive side trailer wheel. But at least I can ride around in a circle without buzzing my tire on the hitch arm.

It needs a new elastomer hitch (the only thing still there from the free trailer), but otherwise is doing well. I am going to look at building a custom hitch for it though, as there is a lot of hitch flex when you have eight feet of steel behind you.

The decal says "2500HP HUMAN POWERED" and is a play on the Chevy GMT800 "2500 HD (Heavy Duty)" badges.
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