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Whoopsie! Time to update the thread. A couple of three things:

•The discussion and picture of the orange race car that don't make no sense? I changed my profile pic (numerous times). Then it was this:

•I went out today and put down a deposit on an Arcimoto SRK8, an front wheel drive electric reverse tadpole I mentioned in the first post in Jan 2013. They will ship product in second quarter 2016. The first 50 Alpha production models are being built right now.

This furthers my agenda to pit crew at Bonneville Salt Flats. It's roughly 5x5x9 feet and could either run as a open-wheel 'belly tank' style or a full envelope 'Schlorwagen' streamliner. In plan the fineness ratio is 2.94:1. I haven't found the kilowatt or horsepower rating of the twin motors yet so it's hard to estimate against the expected CdA. Stock it's rated at 1023lb, 0—60 in 7.5 and 85mph top speed.

So maybe 120-130mph?

•The panel van mentioned in first post is gone and the Superbeetle is looking fragile and too valuable to drive.

Edit: Almost forgot. This turned up and it's on-topic here:

The kabinenroller approach: rear-engine monocoque. The front suspension seems to have a fiberglass (or basalt?) half-elliptic monoleaf spring.

Pretty much what I was looking for when I started the thread. Now it's a Messerschmitt shell with the quarter-sphere front fenders and side-hinged bubble top draped over an Armimoto armature, Westergard style.

Like this:

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