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It can be done, if there is the will to do it. CHP is very common in this part of the world. As of 2011 (the latest detailed figures I have seen) there were 169 towns in Finland with district heating networks, totalling 13100 km of district heating pipelines. (Source)

An example I have visited is Naantali, where district heating production for 2011 was 1 315.6 GWh of which losses were 2.4 GWh. Not bad losses considering their output includes steam delivered to industry some of which is over 10 km away and some of the heat distribution network is above ground in a harsh climate and some, if I remember correctly, is even under the sea.

Another nice example is in Stockholm where they have a district heating network and also the world's largest district cooling network. So they can extract heat from places that need to be cooled or refrigerated and move it to places that need to be heated. Now that is cool, if you will pardon the pun.
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