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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
That is quite looong! I would have made the hitch arm telescoping, so that it is max length only when needed. Otherwise cool

Are those mudflaps not only behind, but also ahead of the wheels?
Well, the problem is that it needs to haul 8' (2.5m) or slightly longer loads. After much design deliberation, I decided that it would be much easier to have two dedicated trailers instead of one compromised unit.

This thing actually stores upright indoors without hitting the ceiling, so it only takes up max mayyyybe 620 in2 (4000cm2) of floor space. My "normal" trailer's load bay actually slides right through the bottom of this so I can save another foot (30cm) or so when not in use.

Yep, mudflaps on the front and back. I figured this thing is so long I'm going to get more road spray than I bargained for, and if I'm carrying something long, I want it to stay dry. Maybe I'll post my removable extended bike fender at some point to illustrate the ability to keep road spray completely off the cargo!
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