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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Well, that's not "hereabouts" for me.

I think it comes down to economics. How much would it cost to build a network of distribution pipes?
I don't know but we are constantly building systems that include 2 water pipes coupled with 1 "gas" pipe all underground to every house in our area.

One could assume the mission critical gas pipe would be omitted on homes with the extra pipe and it would be a differential of how much the cost difference is between a gas pipe that can't leak and a water pipe that has to be insulated.

Another more radical thought, why not just use the existing pipes, the powerplant complex makes enough heat to heat 500,000 homes, more than are even in the area, why not just run all municipal water as hot through existing lines, the heat sync affect would eventually allow the water to be hot in most areas and to get cold water you would need a heat sync.

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