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Originally Posted by BabyDiesel View Post
1" primaries may be too big. Looking at the amount of exhaust coming out in comparison to a 350 SBC...

43.75 CID/primary. Usual* header primaries are 1.625" for street headers, 1.5" are rarer but would push the torque peak down lower.

Metro 1.0 has 0.33 CID/primary, a 24.6% reduction in exhaust gas volume.

1.5" x .754 = 1.131" primaries.

I stand corrected! Now I don't know if you can directly compare like this. The size I came up with seems to show that 1" is the way to go if this math checks out okay!
CID? When i run numbers for the volume in the pipe (OD not ID, unfortunately) i get 2.07/inch of length vs .785/inch.

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