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My first metro was a '93... bought it in the winter, figure, naaa, I can live without AC.

WRONG It sucks, my commute includes stopping in traffic.

Took over 6 months on ebay to finally find one that had AC, 3cyl, 5spd that wasn't JUNK. Paied $2900 for it a year ago when gas was ONLY $2ish a gallon.

What I DIDN'T notice, it was rusting from the inside out. Shortly after, what I thought was mild surface rust under the paint, I can stick my finger through the rockers, 6" hole in the back inside wheelwell... It leaks water to the interior, I could never find the leak, so I had to rip out the carpet off the bottom, and drill holes for it to drain when it rains! Then I found the wheel well problem...

I plan on driving this under the doors fall off...... and then I'll just weld them on

Luckily, the framework is not too badly rusted, I can still wire brush that and paint before it gets too bad.
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