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I had some pretty bad experience with the Chinese adapters....Not just me but friends also.

Some say they don't see problems other have significant problems.

In my case I had vehicles it did not work with and also battery drain issues.
Bottom line is I tried to go cheap, I bought Chinese knock offs of knock offs and I knew better.
I wasted money on a couple of adapters and one battery, and in the end it was a very expensive waste of my time and money. Probably the time was the worst part.

I ended up buying an UltraGauge back around 2010....the wired one and its been great.
Now that they have the wireless UltraGauge Blue, it looks like the answer to my previous issues and a nice upgrade path for me.
I was searching on this and I'm finding nothing but good....especially on the support side.
Imagine getting support from the those Chinese adapter vendors... just is no such thing.
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