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the chevy volt pack comes with liquid cooling, and is lighter per volt. a 650v 45ah chevy volt pack will weigh 125 lbs more than your leaf pack @ 360v @ 60ah, and *should* be 300kw capable (more like 1/2 a megawatt). That is about the best 125lb investment you can make, no? I mean you have 400lbs of motor, 800lbs of battery is quite appropriate, especially if you get the voltage rating you need to drive them. Heck I'd be tempted to keep going if it pans out into more useable motor power.

If you were content w/4x50kw then delta and leaf pack makes sense, otherwise this looks like the best pairing. And I can't really understand the objections so far, they sound like idiosyncratic, if not unnecessary, requirements. But even the ornl guys don't fully understand the observed behavior of the boost converter, that sounds like a whole lot of variable on top of a lot of other variables, to get 300kw out of a pack that really doesn't want to give 300kw, and motors that might be in the same boat, that come pre-packaged with zero gearing options.

So, yah, take a step back and re-think it a little bit. A pretty controller pcb (which will make an imbalanced capacitor load) and an arbitrary 3000lb limit aren't good requirements, not if 3125lbs will get you another 100kw and eliminate the boost converter.
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